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What is Soulthick

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Soulthick was the best I could do to describe what I wanted to show through my art- my writing.. photography.. modeling. I am always looking for an outlet. As a Cancer I take full responsibility for my moody tides and hope you can see through the choppy white caps of my moods into my heart. My heart is what I'm trying to show and I know there are others like me. I've been blessed to know them and look forward to meeting more.

I invite everyone to be soulthick.. it's a lifestyle and a grind, a push to progress and live heaven on Earth in whatever way you your soul manifests. It's work and it's beautiful, engulfing and in all the ways what this world needs, authenticity, grace, and tolerance.

Where I come from it's a good thing to be "thick" curvy, deep and broad. Thick speaks of a richness and a heaviness that transcends beyond the body and originates in the soul.

Soulthick invites to you ask yourself: How deep is your love, for you first? And how deep is your connection to the divine.

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