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5 Ways to "Reads the Signs" and Let the Universe Speak

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Sometimes we're looking for a small sign, sometimes we're wanting something deeper, like an awakening or a life transforming experience. I am always searching for a connection or a confirmation from the universe that I'm headed in the "right direction." And by right direction, I mean my direction. Am I on my path or have I been distracted from the things I really want?

In those dark times and in my low points, if I just listen.. or turn on the light.. without fail the universe is speaking and dropping beautiful little breadcrumbs to lead me back home. Here are the 5 things I listen for when i'm looking for The Universe to speak.

1. Repetition

I find that I always know the universe is trying to talk to me when I see or experience things repeatedly. In particular, I look for things in 3's. I once heard one of my instructors say that she always repeats the important things three times, it was our indication to pay attention.

The first time, we can’t really hear, the information comes a little too quickly to absorb. The second time we hear but it doesn’t have time to sink in. The third time, we are able to retain because the process of learning has actually begun. I believe this to be true with signs from the universe as well. I always know it’s time to listen when I see, hear, or experience things repeatedly. When ideas I have are confirmed by random conversations with friends or coworkers and then I read it in a book or an article, I know it’s the universe speaking. The repetition of numbers is also very interesting to look into.

2. Vivid Dreams

I used to have very vivid dreams all the time. I'm talking, so vivid I was feeling emotions in my sleep. I remember waking up angry or crying and upset because of something that happened in my dream. I started a dream journal to take notes so that I could go back and reflect on my dreams and the symbology that I found in them. Some of my most powerful revelations have come out of those dreams. Some of the symbology I experienced actually helped me make some very serious or at the very least confirmed decisions that I made in my life. I felt better about those decisions because I knew they came from my heart, my subconscious mind that takes over when the TV is off and I am relaxed, asleep and without the noise of outside sources.

3. Strong Emotions or Mood Swings

As an empath, I feel very deeply pretty consistently but it's the out of the norm anxiety and mood swings, panic attacks that make me take a long hard look at what's working in my life and what isn't. These moments are usually the "why me" in the dark, crying in a corner. They could also be the crying out of joy moments and anxious excitement for something you didn't know you were excited about.

Our emotions can really help us take inventory or what we really want and what we don't really want in our lives and surrounding us everyday. I think sometimes as we dig into ourselves and start learning more about ego, we think we need to control our emotions or get rid of them but I see value in them, even if they make things hard sometimes. They serve as indicators of areas in my life that I want to change or where I need to pay attention.

If I get explodingly angry at a coworker or a family member for something they’ve said or done, I know somethings wrong. My family and co-workers are closest to me, for different reasons but I know when I'm not being patient with the ones I know I spend my day to day with. Sometimes through these emotions, I realize that I have an insecurity that needs to be addressed. Sometimes I realize that it was their insecurity being projected on me. It’s in those moments that I hear the universe tell me to be more patient with myself or dig up and address an unhealed emotional wound.

4. Milestones

It’s always important to keep your ear to the pavement when milestones are approaching. Whether it’s your first day of your promotion, 10th anniversary, a graduation, or any big goal that you reach, the universe always uses these opportunities to give us the spiritual gold that goes with the physical manifestation of your accomplishments. If we let them, our milestones can be a wonderfully bright time of spiritual and emotional rest. I usually journal a bit more around these times, being sure to stay mindful of my emotions.

5. Big, Unexpected Changes

Rather large and unexpected changes always open the door for the universe to speak and start throwing our signs. I always pay close attention to the signs around me when an unexpected change occurs. From the marriage of a very good friend, to the unexpected loss of a job, these are moments when the universe shows us what's what through various physical and emotional stress and we learn our lessons if we can be still in the midst of the inevitable commotion of transition. Uncertainty is always a great indicator of where we really are and a great way to see how far we’ve come from where we want to be.

The signs will present themselves, you'll see them if you’re looking and paying attention.

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