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5 Beginner Shadow Work Journal Prompts for Growth & Healing

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

We don’t know we have broccoli stuck in our teeth until we look in a mirror or someone tells us. With emotional broccoli (aka negative feelings and reactions instead of responses) it works the same way. We won’t know what’s going on in our hearts and minds until we can take a look at our emotional reflection and/or examine our behaviors from an objective point of view.

Sometimes we can honestly say we act a certain way, or do something because that's our personality or upbringing and other times we say, do, or think things because we haven’t quite healed a part of ourselves.

Once we can see the internal conflict or problem for ourselves, we can go about making internal amends by first acknowledging and validating the pain and loss felt. You can then begin to accept or forgive what’s been done, ultimately letting go of the source of the wound so it can properly heal.

Use these 5 prompts to illuminate your shadow self so you can acknowledge your fears, limiting beliefs, and negative aspects, and heal the parts of yourself that are holding you back from achieving your goals and feeling your best. I don’t recommend doing them all in one day. For this blog in particular I would suggest picking a month to dedicate shadow work to and taking a week for each prompt.

Let’s get uncomfortable…

1. Think of something that makes you really angry. Can you connect that anger to something from your childhood? Is that anger closely related to someone in your life?

2. What are some of your worst traits? How do they affect your life?

3. What parts of your story are you ashamed of? Could this have been avoided, why or why not? Can you see how it affects your behavior or thought patterns currently?

4. What was your mothers/fathers/caregivers worst trait and do you share this trait with them?

5. What makes you the saddest and why?

It’s very important to remember that while you might find yourself in a dark place with your answers for a bit, always conclude your shadow work session with positive affirmations that remind you that you are a work in progress and time heals all wounds. You should not be judging yourself for the responses that come to you not matter how shameful or wrong they seem. Your experience is neither good nor bad, it just is what it is.

Happy healing :)

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