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3 Reasons Self-Care is Essential in Relationships

1. Confidence

I don’t feel like it’s much of a secret but we all want to be with someone who is confident in who they are. Confidence doesn’t mean your bouncing from one person to another at the party, chatting it up and being the showstopper. It just means that if you’re not that person, you own it. If you’re the wallflower, BE the wallflower, unapologetically be comfortable alone, on that wall. If you’re insecure about your weight, fine, but start working on ways to be comfortable in your own skin, buy clothes that flatter your body type, wear colors that accentuate your skin tone or eye/hair color.

Care for yourself by paying attention to what you really need at this point in your life and either work on changing things to make it better for yourself or work on accepting it. Doing your inner-work and not being sorry for it, is going to shine through your personality whether you know it or not and believe me, people WILL notice.

2. Stress Kills

You want to enjoy your life with your partner, not be stressed, moody, and unhappy. Real Selfcare is doing what YOU really want and need for YOURSELF. Who wouldn’t be in a good mood after a sensual salt bath with rose petals or after some time meditating on your goals and healing your inner wounds?

Taking the time out of your day/week to make yourself happy, is a WIN WIN for you and your partner or partner to be. You’re going to come out literally smelling like roses when you take care of yourself for the pure enjoyment of life.

3. Looks are AND aren’t Everything.

I’ll start by saying there IS someone for everyone. Whether it’s your clothes, weight, skin, hair, teeth, it doesn’t matter! The partner who is made for you is going to love you and support you regardless of what you look like! If you’re super uncomfortable about your physical appearance this can be very awkward and uncomfortable for your partner, especially if they can’t even see the flaws you're choosing to highlight and be critical of. Good and supportive self-talk is ideal self-care for these types of issues. \

On the other hand, taking a few minutes to make sure your appearance speaks to who you are definitely contributes to overall feel goods when you consider that when you look good, do feel good. Speak kindly to yourself when you look in the mirror, until it’s a habit; that goes a long way for your relationship or future relationship.

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