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3 New Moon Rituals With Stuff You Already Have

I want to start by saying that you are in no way obligated or “supposed to” do a full blown new moon celebration every month. And let me clarify, “full-blown” to me is anything I have to plan more than a day or two in advance for. Yeah, save those events for the months you are really feeling called to do so, the other months can be a time for low-key reflection and simple rituals that focus your energy and bring about good habits for growth.

Here is a list of 3 new moon rituals that you can do with things you probably already have around the house that will focus the new moon energies into releasing what’s not working for you and setting new intentions.

1. Clean out your phone.

Seems simple right? But so impactful. Our phones are a huge part of our everyday lives and I’ve noticed that because of our natural focus on the cosmos and nature we sometimes forget what that means for the technology we use on an everyday basis. Going through old notes, photos, texts, numbers, and deleting what you no longer need is a game changer. On a single night I deleted over 2000 items on my phone and while my phone didn’t feel lighter, I sure did. I got rid of old business photos, pics of ex’s, selfies, pocket pics, and screenshots that no longer served me or my device anymore. One of my favorite things to let go of is social media accounts that I no longer want on my feed.

Let go of the old energy stored there, let go of the reminders of things I used to relate to but no longer do. I must also mention how good it felt to gain all that space, I was free to now fill my phone back up with what I was manifesting next.

2. Light a ritual candle.

You probably light candles all the time, you know the fragrant ones that smell good and look pretty after you clean the house or while you're relaxing, but I’m talking about something a little different. Lighting a ritual candle is less about the smell and more about the intention. A candle flame represents the light of life and enlightenment, which is perfect for focusing new moon energy.

I like to use a regular, inexpensive and unscented tea light, this way after a few hours it will go out on it’s own without me having to snuff or blow it out. Before lighting, I might add some herbs depending on what I’m trying to manifest and say a few words of intention over the candle. You can place this on your altar if you have one or just in a space where you will be able to see it as it burns- surround it with crystals, photos, or herbs if you’re feeling like you want a little more focus on a specific manifestation or growth aspect.

3. Give an offering.

Depending on what type of religion, magic, or ideology you follow, giving an offering is a basic way to focus the new moon energy on gratitude and growth. Leaving a bowl of food out, pouring a glass of your favorite drink (either alcoholic or non), or simply writing a short poem and reading it aloud are all good ways to show gratitude for what you have and to make room for what’s to come.

When the night is done you can discard your offerings for nature to consume, assuming you’re offering organic materials that will decompose such as paper and vegetation. This ritual keeps us mindful of all we have to be grateful for that we can see as well as things unseen.

I hope this helps and you're able to make the most of the new moon energy. I do something small every month but encourage you to use these or create your own. They don’t have to be costly or lengthy, just meaningful and from the heart.

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