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3 Morning Rituals: For When You Can’t or Find it Hard to Meditate

One of my favorite sayings from Abraham-Hicks, a well-known manifestation coach is, “Align before you attempt.” Alignment is the purpose of a morning ritual and my favorite way to align is a sitting quiet, guided meditation but I’m writing this for those of you who can’t meditate or have a hard time sitting still/quiet long enough to do so.

Alignment is all about getting grounded in yourself and being mindful of your inner connection to the universe. Aligning before you attempt is so that all the tasks of the day are aligned as best they can be with your goals, values, and inner being. When I’m aligned and grounded, I know what or that I’m feeling, I'm listening to my body, looking at my life and making my to-do list based on my purpose and what I actually want to accomplish that day. This significantly helps me reduce regret, anxiety, and depression in the sense that it proactively gives me time to make a curated plan for my day based on what spirit is telling me and what I tangibly want for myself.

I’ve gotten into the habit of aligning everyday by simply reminding myself to align every morning and I’ve found that the earlier/sooner in the day, the better. As an introvert and someone who has always spent a lot of time alone and in the quiet, meditation comes very easy to me and is comfortable but I know that’s not the case for everyone. Meditation can be very daunting for people who are new to it, have adhd or anxiety, etc., but an effective meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting uncomfortable for hours. True meditation is all about personal awareness and clarity of mind which can be achieved in more ways than one and it doesn’t have to take a long time.

Most mornings I begin my ritual as soon as I brush my teeth. That may sound weird but I try to do it before I’ve had breakfast or even see anyone. I understand that if you have family and children/pets that need things from you in the morning this will be a little more difficult, part of your work here will be carving out 5-10 minutes for you to sit with yourself. I definitely recommend aligning before putting on your outfit, making decisions, or having any lengthy conversations/meetings but if all you can do is take that moment in the car on your way to work, office, or once the kids are napping, then by all means, start there.

I think it’s also important to note that these methods are great practices at any time of the day and for just about any reason but if you couple or triple it up with the intention of taking a moment to clear your thoughts, listen to your body, and connect with spirit for a more mindful and fulfilling day, then they can truly change your life.

Light your candles, burn your incense, and let’s get into it...

  1. Have a cup of tea

First of all, herbal tea is so good for you. Turmeric for inflammation, ginger for digestion, green tea for a little caffeine, rose buds for positivity.. Whatever you want to start your day with, get a cup, heat some water, and sip in gratitude. The act of sipping is oral and physical for people who always want their hands or mouth on something. If you're a fidgeter or someone who smokes, this is a really good one. And if you can sit outside or by a window while you sip even better! Take in some morning sun rays and enjoy the wind on your cheeks. While drinking your tea, walk through your day as you would want it to happen. Imagine your day going as perfectly as possible and what that would look like. This is a great meditation with additional physical benefits.

2. Do a tarot spread for yourself

Tarot cards aren’t available everywhere but a lot of bookstores and holistic/natural shops have them. They’re easy to find online with a simple google search and they are a great way to get the benefits of meditation without total stillness. Most tarot decks come with a book that explain the cards and the practice, some are more elaborate than others but you do not have to be a professional or have years of experience with them to read tarot for yourself. Tarot cards are great for mindfulness and aligning because you have to sit with yourself long enough to ask the cards a question or give them a thought you’ve been pondering. Whatever your question or thought is, it shows where you're focusing your energy (mindfulness) and this gives you the opportunity to do something with that energy. The bonus of starting your day with tarot comes with the answers in your spread or the cards you pull. These symbols, images, and words reveal not only the answers to your questions but how you go about navigating what comes next and to be prepared. Tarot is a great way to connect with the universe in a very artistic and hands-on way.

3. Journal

Anyone who knows me knows that journaling is at the top of my list of favorite ways to stay grounded- always! Journaling is so general and open, that anyone looking to connect more deeply with themselves and the universe, can participate. Whether it’s a detailed planner, a blank lined book, a no lined book, a book with bullet points, the notes app in your phone, or a small spiral notebook you keep in your pocket- taking time in the morning to get the thoughts in your head, down on paper is a meditation and a way of grounding yourself. Instead of observing your thoughts pass though your mind in a sitting or quiet meditation, you’ll be observing them as they come out and on paper. Journaling documents your thoughts and feelings, clearing the clutter inside your mind, and letting you look at yourself through a more objective lens. If you’re ever stuck with what to journal, the internet is full of different prompts depending on what you want to write. With these documented thoughts and ideas you can more easily decide what you want to spend more time focusing on using a small but effective action like writing.

This list is by no means exhaustive, these are just some of the easiest and most accessible ways to either start, add to, or change your morning ritual when your goal is mindfulness and inner peace but have a hard time sitting still or being in your head all by yourself. I still use all of these methods daily, although not all in the morning, because I love the way they make me feel. I also like having a bunch of meditation methods to choose from, simply for variety and the need for change sometimes.

I hope these help and you feel like you have a few more options and tools in your bag for living your best and most peaceful life.

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